Saturday, January 29, 2005

Christian Writing

FaithWritersI have not written Christian articles for a very long time, not since I last wrote for a newsletter of a church I have left many years ago.

As a Christian and a freelance writer I feel it my obligation to write about what I believe apart from writing for commercial print and digital media. Therefore, when I came upon a web site that welcomes contribution of Christian articles, I immediately signed up with them to be a participant. That was what I have been busy with over the last week.

It has not been easy writing religious related articles, especially when it has been a long time since I last wrote on such topics. In fact, I find it more difficult to write things related to Christianity than to write for commercial media. Anyhow, for a glimpse of what I have written thus far, feel free to read my articles at


yyyap said...

Thanks for the introduction! I've been writing for some time now, mostly for myself. I would appreciate more dialog now though. Writing is a powerful way to move into deeper dialog with others on the spiritual journey, don't you think?

-ms jumbled mind- said...

Hi there :) We are neighbours! I'm a journalist too .. from Malaysia.. :) and just happened to surfed on to your blog. Do drop by sometimes :)

-ms jumbled mind- said...

hello..thanks for dropping by my come back soon..and I'm a Christian too..and sometimes its difficult being a journalist/reporter..and seeing the things we do.. *sigh*