Friday, June 01, 2012

All About Writing

WritingSome of you may find it difficult to search through my blog for specific topics on writing experiences and tips in the archives, so I have created this entry to help you navigate:

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dr1/6 said...

of late, i've been having trouble writing. i've got the writer's block. it's gotten so bad, i couldn't write an essay for my english exam. lost 35 marks there. i tried reading stuff i don't read, watched a couple of movies, etc to get some inspiration. all to no avail. what do you do to overcome a writer's block?


Writer n Journalist said...

saRah ... most writers will encounter writer's block at some point of time frequently or infrequently. Only way is to systematically gather information from as many sources as possible and piece them together, paraphrasing content and think of it from another angle. A clear mind is needed. After reading all the gathered information, muse over it for some time, or sleep over it for a day, then look at it afresh. That often help, but it probably won't be as good a piece as being inspired. At the least, it gets the job done.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips. i'll give it a try.