Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Share Your Experiences

This blog entry is dedicated to all editors, writers, journalists, and bloggers who wish to share and discuss about their experiences and thoughts on writing and editing, or to feedback about this blog.

If you have a tip on writing or an advice on how to get published or how to survive as a writer or have some thoughts that may help writers in their writing, or something to say about this site, please feel free to pen your comments here.


Anonymous said...

Posted on: 2004/8/12 16:20 @ bloggerforum.com
Re: New Blog on Journalism n Writing

What an awesome blog! I'm taking Journalism this semester in school, so I've been looking for resources. I'll have to keep an eye on your site.

Writer n Journalist said...

albertcamusthefall ... your writings at your blog sounds melancholic, almost real, or is it? Hope it is just fiction ... because the 'moods' in your writings have really captured my attention!