Monday, August 09, 2004

Welcome to this Blog!

Hi journalists, writers, editors, bloggers, mass communication/media/ journalism students, and visitors of this blog ...

Welcome to this new blog on Journalism and Writing! Whether your interest is to provide advice on writing or to feedback on this site or to share your experiences, please feel free to place your comments here. For anonymous submission, please sign off your comment with a name or nickname and an e-mail or web URL address.

Thank you for participating at this blog.

Your Host
Writer n Journalist


RomanWanderer said...

Very interesting.

Do you have tips on how to get started with freelance writing?

Writer n Journalist said...

RomanWanderer ... there are plenty of resources on freelance writing on the web. For a start, you will probably need to build a portfolio for yourself. Try posting some of your writing samples on the web. Sign up with sites that list contacts of freelancers and writers. A good portfolio will require published works. Begin by volunteering to write for free. Contribute articles to publications. Look out for publications that need your area of expertise. Write on subjects you are most familiar with and are competent in.