Saturday, December 11, 2004

Being Yourself

The story of The Incredibles is about being true to yourself and about living life according to who you are, not what others expect of you, or trying to be someone you are not.

To try to be someone you are not is to be like the villain in the story, whose end is disastrous. To force a person to work in a regular job is to restrict the person's ability to do something different, just like the way Elastic Girl expects of Mr Incredible. To tell children to conform to what is seemingly a better prospect in the future and not to pursue areas that they perform best is to decide the future for them, leading to possible rebellion or intimidation, similar to what is being faced by the son and daughter of the Incredibles.

In the real world, not everyone is suitable for a regular job in the office. Some work better on their own as entrepreneurs or freelancers. Not every kid can live up to the expectation of the academic school system. Some students are academically inclined and work well with their brains, while others may be better as athletes or at working with their hands.

People are made up of different abilities, different interests, and different motivations. To expect anyone to conform to a certain standard of life is to kill the individual's creativity and sense of purpose in life. Without purpose, there is no life. In a family, it is the task of everyone to discover oneself and others to understand one another, so as not to stifle the interests of the other. It is helping each other in developing the full potentials according to the direction that makes him or her perform at the very best to fulfil the roles each one is accountable for within the family and the society.

The Incredibles is therefore about being yourself, doing the things you do best in fulfilling the dreams of your desire and interest. It means working together with your family to fulfil each other's dreams in life using 'superhuman' energy and strength, with great enthusiasm!

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