Sunday, December 26, 2004

Learning to be Graceful

Few days ago, I wrote on the topic of ‘Branded Culture’. In the story, I mentioned about the unpleasant encounters which resulted from certain unacceptable behaviors. In this article, I will list down ten things you can do to minimize negative opinions and improve your gracefulness.

The first thing to do is to consider others first. For example, by letting others out from the subway train before pushing your way in or before smoking at a bus-stop, consider whether it will affect others’ health.

Second, in every action, ask yourself whether it will hurt others or put others in a disadvantaged position? For example, at a pedestrian walkway, consider whether riding your bicycle there will cause inconvenience to others. What about leaning on the pole in the subway train, will others who need to stand fast on their feet be derived from getting a hold of the pole? Consider whether your shopping trolley will prevent other shoppers or block others from having access to through routes if put in the middle of a lane.

Third, in making plans, consider how you can help others. Example, if building a public place or facility, have you given thought to conveniences for the handicap?

Fourth, quit all non-etiquette behavior, such as spitting and blowing nose in the public, asking for more free gifts when given only one or a few, excessively accumulating free gifts not meant for you, or accumulating massive food on the plate during buffet meals.

Fifth, learn good practices from others and from other cultures. Examples include clearing your own waste after eating at fast food outlets, returning unused spice packs to the counters, and giving up seats to people needing it more than you.

Sixth, Learn to give more than to receive.

Seventh, do not do anything from selfishness or conceit, always thinking to exercise own rights or assuming you deserve more than others.

Eighth, do not be too calculative or expect reciprocal returns from others.

Ninth, do not expect a 100% quality in everything, be it services or products. There is NO perfection on earth.

Tenth, be considerate in all things because you want to, not because you have to or because you are told to. Do it from the heart.

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