Thursday, December 09, 2004

Moments in History

Moments In TimeToday is a special day to me because it is the day my writing forms a part of Singapore history, a day that celebrates the end of a chapter and the opening of a new chapter of yet untold future. It is the day fond memories of the National Library at Stamford Road are crystalized in words and photography in a coffee book entitled, Moments in Time: Memories of the National Library.

The launch which was held in the evening at the library in Esplanade earmarks the untold stories of numerous memories from the public in recalling the days when the National Library at Stamford Road stands in glory. Edited by Philip Lee, the chief editor of Streats newspaper, the book boasts of content written by more than a hundred individuals and contains writings of diverse stories, including love story, ghost story, Christian testimony, reminiscence, humor, and others.

Priced at S$12, the book is available for purchase at the major NLB libraries beginning tomorrow. It is my privilege, therefore, to be one of the article contributors in this book that records the memories of the library in history and in case you wish to know which is my article, you can find it on page 69 under the title, "Home to Writers' Circle."

For details of the launch, please read "
Memories of National Library at Stamford".

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