Friday, December 10, 2004

Superhero Tendencies

A superhero is reliable, dependable and responsible at all times, possessing courage and perseverance. He or she abides to ethical principles and possesses a will to help others. A superhero is someone we can look up to and be exemplary in doing good for mankind and nature!

As a superhero possessing great powers, Spider-Man is one such hero who knows with great powers comes great responsbility. Spider-Man possesses courage and perseverance, and fights to the end for the good of mankind. He takes responsibility of saving people even when he is devoid of any energy left, proving to all his reliability and dependablity. Even when society and cops are against him, he abides by ethical principles to do what is right. He is, to the discerning, an example of a great superhero.

All of us to some extent possess similar closet superhero tendencies. Like others, I can be reliable, responsible, and dependable (most of the time). My passion and my will is to help people anyway I can, and I hope to do good to serve the community and preserve the natural environment in the ecosystem. I am therefore a superhero in the making. You can too!

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